The leader today

2020 will be known as the year of disturbing change and great uncertainty. The crazy part is, with all we have been through, it’s still only June.

As a leader, I reflect a lot on how best to lead in these unusual times. From my vantage, it requires the leader to be exceedingly cautious so as to protect those they lead and serve.

As such caution will generate resistance, leaders need to be courageous in implementing the protective decisions and to stand firm in the face of detractors.

The leader today needs to be more focused on the health and well being of their team rather than the health of the balance sheet.

They need to block out the political noise and work with the facts as much as possible, rather than opinions and agendas.

But by far the most important leadership action today is to do what is right for those who are struggling, the marginalized and oppressed.

Leaders do need answers, but more than that, they need to truly love those they serve.

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