WHAM Update, Wednesday 1st July

After a short break, we were finally able to resume food and supply distribution today! It was another busy day with 16 homeless folks representing 24 Individuals served (see below).

We also were able to serve 229 cars, which represented 990 individuals including 371 children.  Due to our supply, we had to turn 75 cars away.  The demand remains high.  With so much suffering, we continue to lean on the Lord and trust in His provision.  

Today marks a special day in the WHAM family! It is Sonya’s 18th work anniversary! She is such a blessing to all who work with her and is served by her. Thank you for all that you do!

I have a final request, as the pandemic wears on, now approaching 4 months, we remain steadfast and sure about our calling to help those in crisis. If you are able to help us, help them, please would you consider a donation?

Click here: WHAM donation if you are able to help.

Thank you!

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