WHAM Update, Friday 17th July, 2020

For the past two weeks we have served around 150 cars three times a week. Thanks to the amazing team, we get through this in around an hour and a half, a blessing given the heat! Next week this will drop to 100 cars and twice a week (Monday and Friday) as we continue to transition back to a more normal program.

As usual, we will monitor the situation and will make adjustments as required. If we need to increase the number of folks we provide food and supplies to, we certainly will.

We also continue to provide financial assistance way above our usual offering. This past week we were able to help 181 folks for a total of $76,700.00!

Last night, WHAM was on ABC13. Lisa did a fantastic job representing us. To watch it, click the play button below.

This coming week I am finally taking a much needed vacation. I am very much looking forward to recharging my batteries. I will continue to pray for the team and all those committed to serving those who are struggling in our community.

Thank you for all your support and incredible help of WHAM! I thank God for all the staff, volunteers and supporters who make our ministry work possible. I also thank God for the gift of serving Him this way.

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