Two deputies shot while they sat in their vehicle in LA County. Both deputies are in a critical state in hospital. Yet another reminder of the risks inherent in protecting and serving the community. They have my prayers, just a horrific situation.

In response to this vile, cowardly attack I have been shocked to see people use the publicity to attack police. On one level I shouldn’t be surprised, the internet, particularly social media is a fecund platform for the bizarre, incendiary and the fringe.

But what got me was how it seamlessly hooked into the anti-police narrative so prevalent today. How did we come to this place where so many speak so badly of those charged with protecting and serving?

It isn’t universal, I have seen many who are supportive of Law Enforcement, but there is a growing discontent with police.

I would be interested in your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “why?

  1. Mark–I agree that the shootings (all of them) are horrible acts. You complain of the anti-police rhetoric in the social media. I don’t know how diverse your friend list is; however, I get as many negative comments about minorities, especially blacks, and their lawlessness, as I do about the police. The relationship between the police and the community has got to change. If our only action is to condemn either side, the solution to this violence will be ineffective. On the social media, striking the “like” sign is not enough. We have got to be able to understand and explain behavior on both sides. We’ve got to get people to think!


  2. I agree with you. It’s prejudice against the police. So all police are bad. Just like all white people are prejudiced. And all black people are criminals. We are all put in a group. And it is so scary. And so unfair. This should not be happening.


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