Just devastating news out of India with a record number of coronavirus cases and deaths being reported.   In the past 24 hours, 3,293 people have died, many not getting the treatment they need.  In such a populous country, where two of the worlds most densely populated cities are located, coronavirus is spreading rapidly and causing enormous social upheaval and strain on the infrastructure.  

I am thankful the United States will be sending over vaccine materials, therapeutics and oxygen concentrators.  I hope they are generous.  Not only is the US assisting, but so is Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Russia to name a few. Now is the time for the global village to help out. 

I remain concerned about coronavirus, particularly as we see variants spring up.  My hope is that folks will take the opportunity to be vaccinated when it becomes available.  Ultimately this act of helping ourselves helps others as well. 

One thought on “INDIA

  1. Thankfully your home country Australia is also sending supplies. Such devastation we could not imagine only 2 years ago! What does the future hold for us? We must all be prepared , wearing the armour of the Lord ! God bless all.


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