Serving the poor

Every month, thousands of people in crisis, struggling with poverty or homelessness are served and helped at West Houston Assistance … More

Believe it

Commit today to live your life totally open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Believe it, expect it, live … More


‘Being a Christian is about choices. We can choose to give in to our desires and tumble into sin. Or … More

Awash with lies

‘Never in my lifetime have I seen such a need for truth and authenticity. Our society is awash with lies … More


‘Strive to be all that God created you to be.’ Rev Mark Brown


‘Struggling with a decision? Invite God to be at the center of your thinking. Simply ask, ‘what is your will … More


‘Rest a moment. Take a moment to bring to mind that God is with you. He is present and surrounds … More